Insight into mutual responsibility…

Check out this excerpt from the teacher's material of this course on the mutual responsibilities between the employee and employer. We look forward to hearing your thoughts in the discussion below.

The Torah has a precise set of laws employers have to be careful of when treating their employees; it also has a detailed set of laws that employees have to follow in working for their employers.
For this relationship to thrive, each side needs to focus on their set of laws, making sure they are living up to their responsibility. The trouble starts when each side looks at the other sides Shulchan Aruch.
This is really true of all relationships.
Take, for example, a lender and borrower: Halacha has clear laws for the lender, defining how and under what circumstances he can ask for the money back and forbidding him to hassle the borrower. At the same time, Halacha addresses the borrower with how careful he has to be to repay his loan on time.
Husband and wife: The Sages instruct a husband to honor his wife more than himself, and provide for her according to his means. He must speak to her gently and make her happy. At the same time, a woman has laws delineating her obligations to her husband and how she must treat him.
The wealthy man has laws about how much charity he should give and when, and how he should give it with a happy frame of mind; At the same time, the poor man has laws about he must treat his donors


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