Yossie is drowning!

We thought it quite funny to see Yossie Weiss, one of the Torah Live staff members, drowning in all the mail from the over fifty teachers that signed up this week to get the Mezuzah presentation educators  kit.

This sudden surge of demand is the result of Torah Live’s new partnership with NJOP to make its material available to a broader audience.

Thank you Michael and Karine Bloch of Raanana for sponsoring the DVD in honor of their children: Eitan, Yoel, and Tali. Michael was not only the brainchild behind the creation of the DVD but is also the one who introduced our work to Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, director of NJOP and made this partnership happen.

Best caption for this picture gets the Mezuzah DVD for FREE! Congratulations to Ilan and Simone Goldstein who won last month's free Mezuzah DVD.


PS. If your organization or someone you know wants to partner with Torah Live to distribute the material, we have a sponsor who is willing to chip in in a major way to make the cost almost free to participating outreach and educational organizations.


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