Hebrew and Russian in One Day

Want to share this special moment with you...

The mezuza presentation was given in Russian in Moscow by Sara Katz AND in Hebrew by Shmuel Rind to elementary school boys - both on the same day!

 Sara Katz sent me the following note via Skype:

It was outstanding Baruch Hashem. The audience ranged from totally beginners to Jewish schools graduates. I could read in their eyes: what's there about mezuzah which we don't know? But after the introduction they were blown away. Not even one section passed without them asking questions. What is truly amazing in the presentation is the combination of serious material with relaxing videos and examples. It was impossible to get tired.

Now I am facing another problem - I have a list of 26 girls wanting a mezuzah. May all outreach teachers have such problems!

We invite you to share words of encouragement for the new members of the Torah Live family in Russia. Leave your comment below and we will have your words translated and shared with the students.


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