40 New Videos!

I was going to just send you our new video about anger, the first of a five-part series about anger management and having good character traits.

However, since I turn 40 this week, I decided to do something a little more special and am sharing with you 40 new videos.

Thank you to everyone who sent feedback on the new doodle style animations. Although I couldn't respond personally to everyone, all comments and critique were warmly welcomed. Those suggestions that I could fix (e.g. more color, use sound effects, make each clip less than 10 minutes) I will implement from now on. Those suggestions that I couldn't (e.g. use an American accent!) I didn't (my wife prefers the British accent. 🙂

Just to put everyone at east: The new doodle style is not instead of our high quality videos but as well as. There are two kinds of audiences: Those that need the bells and whistles – and for them we have the sparkling Torah Live videos you know and love. And those that are motivated to learn and don’t need the glitzy special effects but want to go through tons of material and get on with the job of learning – and for them we have the new “Torah-doodle” style.

In the interest of uniting the Torah Live family from around the globe, which has thank God grown to 2,000, kindly post any comments you have on our new comment feature below. That way the rest of the clan can read your comments and join in your discussion. It'll make it more fun for everyone!

1. Anger: The Ultimate Challenge – Introduction

2. Smiling: The Ultimate Joy – Teaser

(Will be 7 videos in total. All have been filmed. Just need sponsors to get them finished!)

3-7. Success: The Ultimate Tools for Life

8-23. Sabbath: The Ultimate Treasure

24.-31. Jealousy: The Ultimate Drive

32.-33. Blessings: The Ultimate Acknowledgement

34. Laws of Kosher Animals (Spanish)

35. Laws of Kosher Animals (Hebrew)

36. Getting to Know Your Tefillin (Hebrew)

37. Getting to Know Your Tefillin (Russian)

38. Getting to Know Your Tefillin (Spanish)

39. Getting to Know Your Tefillin (French)

40. Getting to Know Your Tefillin (German)


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