Become a Part of the Torah Revolution

Are you looking for a way to integrate twenty-first century technology into your Torah learning? Do you wish there was an exciting way to learn about every aspect of Judaism?

At Torah Live, we’re making the whole Torah accessible in the language of our generation by creating captivating state-of-the-art videos which encompass mitzvot, halachah, middot and hashkafah. Just turn on a video and start learning!

New videos are added every month so there’s always something new to learn! Watch them yourself or sit down with the kids to enjoy them together. Whether you are a beginner, a yeshiva graduate or a parent, you will discover new concepts and ideas in each and every single video.

For an extra challenge, take our online assessment tests and when you’re done, print out a personalized certificate of completion.

We have totally revamped our website, added tons of new videos and have introduced the following membership model:
• The first videos in each course are available for viewing to guests, so you get a feel for what we are offering.
• The next couple of videos are open to our free registered members.
• Complete courses are accessible with a $5 a month membership.

We invite you to join the Torah revolution and start enjoying the most incredible Torah content on the web today!


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Adina Rabinowitz
Adina Rabinowitz
1 year ago