Your 2016 Torah Live Favorites

What a year it’s been at Torah Live! With many new videos and more educational materials, 2016 has been a year of growth and improvement. Here’s what you liked best this past year:

Top 5 Torah Live Blog Posts of 2016

Around the YearCan I Base a Halacha Curriculum on Torah Live?

In 2016, we put extra emphasis on helping teachers fit Torah Live into their classrooms. We created this download with recommendations for multimedia lessons for each month of the year.


Highly Effective Habits of Jewish Educators7 Habits of Highly Effective Jewish Educators

We know that Jewish educators are always looking for ways to improve their teaching, so we asked successful educators to share their tips with us and with you. We got some amazing answers and were truly inspired by the professionalism and caring of Jewish teachers and administrators.

Shmiras Haloshon VideoLet’s Start Talking about Loshon Hara

One of our most memorable announcements of 2016 was the release of the first shmiras haloshon video, which utilizes innovative storytelling techniques to teach about the importance and laws of guarding our tongues.


TzitzisNo Strings Attached

Every once in awhile, we do something totally different. This post features a slapstick-style montage from the tzitzis series which demonstrates just how easy it is to rip your tzitzis.


Netilas YadayimA Sneak Peek behind the Scenes

Movie-making is a mystery to most of us, so it’s always fascinating to a get a look behind the scenes of a film shoot. Production manager Sharon Katz describes a Netilas Yadayim shoot so vividly, you’ll feel like you’re there!




Top 5 Torah Live Courses of 2016


Anger: The Ultimate Challenge

The ever-popular Anger course was in second place last year and it’s in first place this year! We all struggle with anger, so you can’t watch this video series too many times. It focuses on why anger is such a negative emotion and practical ways to combat it.


lost_light_largeSpeech: The Lost Light

This brand new series, sponsored by Elan & Victoria Shasha, explains how negative speech led to the destruction of the Temple and delves into the specific laws of loshon hara. The first four chapters are already out, and we’re working on upcoming chapters.


BrachosBlessings: The Ultimate Acknowledgement

We make blessings multiple times a day, but do we really understand their importance? Have we mastered the laws of brachos? This series empowers you with the tools to keep these halachos properly.


Shabbos videoShabbos: The Ultimate Day of Rest

Another repeat winner, this course includes short films on the melachos of Shabbos, with clear real-life examples of how to avoid transgressing the Sabbath. We also take you to a Jewish home to learn about the positive commandments of Shabbos.


Mystery of TecheilesTzitzis

This new series provides both practical guidance and inspiration for the mitzvah of tzitzis. Stunning footage and superb acting will you keep you on the edge of your seat while you learn all about tzitzis.


Our Plans for 2017

Our next chapter in The Lost Light series is currently in production and will focus on the power of words. New Tzitzis chapters will also be released in the upcoming year. The first chapters in the Ezra & Lauren Kest Emunah & Tefillah Project will become available in time for Pesach.

Torah Live is appropriate for people of all ages - families too! Our new college courses are currently being tested and will be officially launched later this year. The online courses provide long-distance learning for students in college or still in yeshiva.

We’re looking forward to another great year at Torah Live and thank Hashem that we are privileged to help spread the light of Torah to Jews all over the world.



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