Torah Live at Camp

Jewish education isn’t only about what goes on in school. Camps are responsible for children’s education for up to eight weeks a year, providing an invaluable opportunity to teach Torah in an informal setting.

Kids at camp are focused on sports, arts and crafts and creating lifelong friendships. They may not have the patience for more conventional learning programs, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t go home inspired by Torah.

Torah Live can fit neatly into the summer camp schedule, since it brings Torah to life with engrossing multimedia presentations. Kids will love the special effects, the breathtaking landscapes and the cartoon doodles of Torah Live. They’ll laugh, exclaim and be riveted to the screen while they learn important values, middos and halachos.

Torah Live at Camp

We know that organizing educational programming at camp is no easy task, so we created a Torah Live Camp Guide. Fill in the form below to download your copy of the guide and get original ideas on integrating Torah Live into your camp.

Join educators like Elana Rosenthal of Camp Kaylie, who said: "My students were truly engaged and really gained a lot. One boy sincerely told me, that in all his seven years of camp, he has never enjoyed chinuch till now."

Torah Live at Camp


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