Torah Live in Shul

Dear Community Leader,

It is with great joy that I present you with the “Torah Live Shul Guide.” I have traveled to countless communities around the globe and I stand in awe of your mesirus nefesh and commitment to transforming your shuls into vibrant communities built on Torah and chessed.

Shul Program guide

The goal of this guide is to share what Torah Live has to offer for your shul programming. The tools and the content of Torah Live will enable you to expand the learning opportunities and Torah classes you offer your congregants.

In an era of huge technological advancements, it is crucial that we present Torah in a way that maintains its authenticity, while utilizing the medium people are so thirsty and eager to learn from. My hope is that this guide will help you make Torah Live a viable partner in your shul programming.

Much hatzlacha in your avodas hakodesh.

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Rabbi Dan Roth
Founder and Director, Torah Live




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