Online Jewish College and Jewish Studies Courses
Torah Live's Stuart & Stephanie Ronson College Program

Torah Live is excited to announce that learning with
our cutting edge multi-media presentations
can now earn you 6 college credits!

Jewish college students face the unique task of excelling in their academic studies while striving to grow religiously and spiritually in secular environments. This new platform provides Jewish college students the option of receiving accreditation without comprising on the depth or quality of Torah learning. The course content is presented online, and can be learnt at your own pace utilizing multiple mediums.

Torah Live’s Academic Partnership

Torah Live is an affiliate of the Theological Research Institute (TRI). TRI is an accredited distance learning program that provides undergraduate and graduate course accreditation. Under the auspices of TRI, Torah Live has two college level courses accredited by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (see here).

Students can receive a maximum of 3 credits per course, and can choose either one or both of Jewish Character Development and Leadership and/or Jewish Law and Practice.

Each course is comprised of module based learning
units which includes:

  • Torah Live videos and supplementary videos
  • Short online quizzes for review after each video
  • Reading and writing requirements (varies, depending on the unit)
  • Remotely proctored exam for the completion of each course
  • Students also have access to a personal learning dashboard to track your course progress and view quiz results

Students also have access to a personal learning dashboard to track their course progress and view quiz results.

The Accreditation Process

Upon completion of the course requirements, the student can then take a remotely proctored exam. The results of the proctored exam will be sent to TRI for the accreditation approval.

Once approved, the student will receive from a TRI an official accredited document that they can apply towards their degree in a majority of University programs.

Time and Length of the Course

From the time of registration, the student will have 12 months to complete the course. This is ample time for a student to learn at their own pace and schedule without pressure. Should a student want to complete the course in a shorter time frame, he or she could complete it in a minimum of 10 weeks (120 hours).

Price: Each course is $300, paid at the time of registration.