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Discover the Divine Design!

Ahavas Hashem can be achieved by seeing the hand of Hashem in nature and science. In this series, Rabbi Yaakov Lubin introduces us to natural wonders that demonstrate the wisdom in creation and reveal the beauty of the Divine design.

Natural Springs

Where do natural springs come from? Where does water for drinking and agriculture originate? How are rivers and lakes formed? And what is the connection between natural springs and brachos?

Sea Ice

What’s the difference between sea ice and icebergs? How much sea ice is found in an arctic winter? What does all this have to do with recycling?


How do icebergs support life in the sea? What do icebergs do besides sink ships like the Titanic? Where do icebergs come from and why did Hashem create them?

You’ll get answers to these questions and more in this fascinating series.

Jewish Center for Science

The Jewish Center for Science is dedicated to increasing the personal connection of every Jew to Hashem. 

Utilizing current scientific knowledge, we reveal the astounding wisdom and kindness hidden in the world we encounter daily. 

Under the guidance and bracha of Gedolei Yisrael, our fun and fascinating science education resources will encourage you to explore the many levels of creation and appreciate the depths of Hashem's flawless design. 

Our approach follows the Rambam, who explains that contemplation on the wonders of creation brings a person to love and awe of Hashem, and fulfills a mitzvah d'oraisa. By offering a framework for studying the world as a product of Hashem, we aim to strengthen this kind of meaningful contemplation and at the same time inoculate against heretical theories prevalent in contemporary science and society.