You Shall Not Covet: Jewish Perspective on Jealousy
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Jealousy is an inescapable drive in man, affecting people of all ages. And yet, despite being so universal, it is the most hidden of traits. Few will admit to harboring envy.

Jealousy: The Ultimate Drive exposes jealousy for what it is: an utterly destructive, uncreative, and diseased state of mind. It explains the root causes of jealousy and how to uproot this insidious trait from within ourselves.

Teacher version includes speaking notes, research notes, summary sheets and outstanding multimedia material for you to give an unforgettable class.

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Dan Roth
7 years ago

Keep a lookout for the updates to this course, including new teacher materials and articles…

1 year ago
Reply to  Dan Roth


1 year ago

really nice and inspiring
i found it great and i highly recommend you to watch it 🙂

Hillel Aufrichtig
Hillel Aufrichtig
1 year ago

Method 2 and method 3 have some glitches. In the middle of method 2 it shows a scene that seems to be clicking on method 3, and somewhere in the middle is a minute or so of blank video with just the audio. But my students love it anyway!

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