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Jewish Unity

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Jewish Unity

Rabbi Siddur

When we daven, we always say the tefillos in the plural, asking Hashem to bless the entire Jewish people with wisdom, parnassah, health, redemption and more. We don’t daven to Hashem as individuals, we daven to Him as a tzibbur, a congregation. This is the essence of Jewish unity - instead of focusing on our own individual needs, we band together in concern for the entire nation.

The Importance of Achdus

The Hebrew word achdus, meaning unity, is often used to describe the Jewish people in times of trouble. It’s always easier to band together when there is a common enemy or a common misfortune. But the challenge is to make achdus a way of life at all times. 

Why does Jewish unity matter? What’s Purim got to do with it? And how should we relate to people who are different from us? Rabbi Siddur has all the answers in this presentation.