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The Jewish Wedding

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The Jewish Wedding

Is a Jewish wedding all about good food and fancy clothing? Or is there something else going on beneath the surface? It’s true that the guests dress up and the hosts provide a delicious menu, both of which add to the simcha of the event. But those aren’t the most important aspects of the wedding. The halachos (laws) and minhagim (customs) that take place at the wedding of a Jewish couple are what you really need to pay attention to. From kiddushin and nesuin to the signing of the ketubah, the chuppah and the sheva brachos, there are a lot of important steps to making a wedding.

The Sanctity of Jewish Marriage

Rabbi Siddur and his young friends are invited to a wedding where they investigate the steps that go into the union between a husband and wife. They also explore the sanctity of Jewish marriage and the importance of gladdening the chosson and kallah on the day of their wedding. Join them to find out why weddings are structured the way they are and how that contributes to the happiness of the newly married couple.