Kiddush Hashem: Public Brainstorming

A new presentation is underway: Kiddush Hashem. The aim is to produce a series of videos that will inspire Jews about the importance of making a positive impression on the outside world.

Why am I telling you this? Because I need your ideas…

As I spend the next two weeks researching, I am asking the Torah Live family to brainstorm together: What do you think is the best way to educate people about this vital mitzvah? Do you have a story to tell, or pictures to share, that could be used in the presentation? Who do you think is a good person to interview that could feature in the film? What books or articles do you recommend I read? What films have already been made on this topic?

Please post your thoughts on these and other relevant topics in the discussion area below.

Together we can make a HUGE Kiddush Hashem. 🙂

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2014: The video is now finished and can be enjoyed here.


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