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"I'm very impressed with this undertaking...people will find great satisfaction with this should be used to spread the word of Torah"

- Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky

Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva of Philadelphia

"A game changer...this is what our generation needs, it's harnessing technology to advance the appreciation and love of Torah...Torah Live has my total support"

- Rabbi Asher Weiss

Renowned Halachic Authority, Jerusalem

"Torah Live will be an eye opening experience for students...I encourage everyone to help Rabbi Roth with this project"

- Rabbi Yissocher Frand

World Renowned Lecturer

Rabbi Reisman
"...professionally done... leaves people with clear halachic rulings in an easy-to-remember manner."

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-Rabbi Yisroel Reisman

Rosh Yeshiva, Torah V'Daas, Brooklyn

"Rabbi Roth's inspirational videos are outstanding. It is rare to see talent of this order used to so high and holy a cause. Will unlock the doors of learning to many."

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- Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Former Chief Rabbi, British Commonwealth

"They should introduce this to all the schools and yeshivas"

- Rabbi Hershel Schachter

Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva University

"It really represents the beginning of a revolution in Torah education... "

- Rabbi Menachem Genack

CEO and Rabbinic Administrator, OU Kosher

"Torah Live is a tremendous modern day instrument that will change the ability to be mechanech our children"

- Grand Rabbi Yitzchak Korff

Zvhil Mezbuz Rebbe

"A masterpiece of conciseness presented with unusual graphic beauty. Superb!"

- Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz

Senior Lecturer, JLE, London

"Torah was given in 70 languages because each student must be taught in the language they best understand. Today, for many people, the visual language provides the ability to show Torah in a way that is alive..."
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- Rabbi Noach Orlowek

World Renowned Educator, Israel

"Torah Live has tremendous potential to help Klal Yisrael"

- Rabbi Zev Cohen

Adas Yeshurun Shul, Chicago

"Tremendous tool for teaching Torah"

- Rabbi Dovid Zucker

Rosh Kollel and Rosh Va'ad Hachinuch, Chicago

"I've seen the work of Rabbi Dan Roth, it's opens up a whole new world to learn halacha and hashkafa"

- Rabbi Shmuel Irons

Rosh Hakollel, Kollel Institute of Greater Detroit

"Rav Dan Roth made a revolution...I never knew something like this existed"

- Rabbi Nachman Kahana

Author of Mei Menuchot Series on Tosefot

"Torah Live is building connections with future generations...take the opportunity and look into Torah Live and see how important it is for the future of Klal Yisrael"

- Rabbi Meir Goldwicht

Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva University

"Torah Live...the excitement, the enthusiasm, the's really beyond!"

- Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro

Shaaray Tefilah, North Miami Beach

"Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff, Agudas Israel Beis Binyomin, talks about restoring excitement for yiddishkeit with today's technology"

- Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff

Agudas Israel Beis Binyomin, Flatbush

"...I have to say that children not only retain the information but it becomes very much alive for them as well..."

- Rabbi Yakov Krause

Principal of Toras Emes School, Los Angeles

"...This is super special and will have a major impact on the learning world...

- Rabbi Yaakov Bender

Rosh Yeshiva of Darchei Torah, Far Rockaway

"Torah Live is both beautiful and brilliant at the same time"

- Rabbi Hershel Becker

Young Israel of Kendall, Florida

"It's incredibly creative, it speaks the language of this generation"

- Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen

Neveh Yerushalayim

"Rabbi Dan Roth brought Torah to a new our generation, every child and adult from all backgrounds needs this"

- Rabbi Nissan Kaplan

Mir Yeshiva Jerusalem

"I truly believe that Torah Live has the ability to show everyone the beauty of Hashem's Torah "

- Rabbi Nosson Muller

Menahel Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi, Chicago

"Rabbi Steven Weil, Senior Managing Director of the Orthodox Union, tells us how Torah Live is being used by the organization"

- Rabbi Steve Weil

Senior Managing Director of the Orthodox Union, New York

"I firmly believe that this material can change thousands of peoples lives"

- Rabbi David Ozeri

Rav, Congregation Yad Yosef

" is, available at your fingertips in such beautiful clarity...every single administration should look at this with a serious eye... "

- Rabbi Amram Kuessous

Menahel, Yeshiva Shaarei Torah

"... utilizes cutting edge technology to present authentic Torah concepts in an exciting manner that leaves students enthralled, and thirsting for more..."
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- Rabbi Dovid Nojowitz

Director, Torah U'Mesorah, Brooklyn

"...exciting, enjoyable and very accurate educational materials that engage the minds of
young and old, yeshiva people and beginners alike..."

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- Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits

Rosh Kollel and Posek, Jerusalem

"Using state of the art technology, Torah Live has made working on the traits necessary for spiritual growth accessible to young and old, in a way that is educationally unprecedented."

- Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski

Lecturer, Author and Therapist, Pittsburg

“...extremely informative, very enjoyable and halachically sound.”

- Rabbi Zev Leff

Rav of Moshav Matityahu, Israel

“We live in a world where the attention span of people has been shortened drastically. I recommend Torah Live for every school, every rabbi, and every youth movement in Europe and outside of Europe.”

- Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt

Rav of Moscow

Rav Weinbach final

“Torah Live has succeeded in developing a major educational tool that makes important lessons in Torah more inviting for this generation.” Read Full Letter Here...

- Rabbi Mendel Weinbach Z"TL

Rosh Yeshiva, Ohr Samayach, Jerusalem

Rabbi Tradburks
“Rabbi Roth’s educational materials are outstanding... enabling educators to use multi media of the highest caliber to inspire their students... The highest quality I have seen...”
Read Full Letter Here...

- Rabbi Reuven Tradburks

Director, Rabbinical Council of America Israel Division, Jerusalem