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For Torah Educators

Benefit from 100's of hours of
material development that
YOU can use in your own style
to engage your students.

  • 100+ teaching hrs of classes!
  • Multimedia video & slideshows!
  • Coordinating workbooks
  • Quizzes and source material
  • Virtual LMS
  • Teach and test online!
  • Videos
  • Educator Tools
  • Games
Captivating Video
Learn Torah like never before with our rich and entertaining multimedia presentations, including study aids.
Powerful Tools For
Accompanying each multimedia presentation is a wealth of backdoor resources including custom slideshows, quizzes, workbooks, source materials and an online Learning Management System!
Exciting, Educational & Super Fun
Stay focused and reinforce your learning with our innovative games, designed for kids and the kid in all of us.

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