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Naming Opportunities

To date, the Torah Live videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times in more than 100 cities worldwide (New York, Atlanta, London, Munich, Sydney, Johannesburg, Jerusalem) to both secular and religious audiences.

The list of presentations below are available for dedication. Sponsors have the option of creating a tribute video about their loved that will be included as part of the presentation. That way the persons life legacy can live on for generations to come, inspiring Jews around the globe.

Sample tribute video
1. Charity: The Ultimate Investment16. Chanukah: The Ultimate Dedication
2. Chesed: The Ultimate Kindness17. The Ultimate Challenge
3. Hachnoses Orchim18. Advertising & Honesty
4. Judging others Favorably19. Laws of Loans and Interest (Ribbis)
5. Leadership: The Ultimate Responsibility part II20. Drug Abuse and Addiction
6. Tefillin: The Ultimate Bond21. The Making of a Hero: Character Development
7. Blessings: The Ultimate Acknowledgment22. Wisdom of the Hebrew Alpha Bet
8. Success: The Ultimate Tools for Life23. The Temple Mount: Past and Present
9. Shatnez: The Ultimate Divide24. Jewish Life Cycle: From Cradle to Grave
10. Jealousy: The Ultimate Drive25. Land of Israel: Intrinsic Holiness
11. Utensils: The Ultimate Adventure26. Putting the Holy Back into Holiday: Yom Tov
12. Sukkot: The Ultimate Shelter27. Higher Living: Emunah and Bitachon
13. Kosher: The Ultimate Diet28. Tzitzis
14. Yichud: The Ultimate Safeguard29. Prayer
15. Sabbath: The Ultimate Treasure