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Quotes from teachers

Click on the video to the left to see feedback from Torah Live's first intensive six-hour teacher training.  Rabbi Gruenstein  flew in specially from Florida to attend the event and Rabbi Rietti, who only heard about it the night before, cancelled all his meetings for the next day, just to be able to join.

– Association of Outreach Professionals

This video shows a teacher in Efrat using the material on his 11 year-old students in Hebrew. The presentation was given on the same day that Sarah Katz (below) gave her presentation in Russian in Moscow!

– Orot Etzion (Efrat)

This video shows Mrs. Rivkah Lichtman using the material on 18 year-old students in Jerusalem. 

– Tomer Devorah (Jerusalem)

With accompanying source material, the presentations can be used to make exciting full morning learning sessions. 

-Ateres Yerushalyim (Jerusalem)

tugendhaftThe material is sophisticated, fun, fast moving, and highly professional.
Torah Live is a revolutionary way of teaching Torah.”

– Rabbi Dovid Tugendhaft (London)



vann“The program was incredible. The way the movie plays was a totally new style allowing myself to serve as coordinator and co-teacher of the program.”

 – Rabbi Yakov Vann (California)



Torah Live in Moscow“Many students wrongly believe that Torah and modern technology do not go together. Thanks to your stunning presentations, my 100 students now recognize that Torah and technology are not contradictory, but coexist beautifully. Please continue to produce more material so that we can inspire more Jews to our heritage.”

– Sarah Katz (Moscow)

rivky“Our girls were blown away with your Shabbat presentation!!! It was simply AWESOME!!
They really were inspired. It opened a whole new world to them. Suddenly keeping Shabbat wasn't just because that is what their family does.”

– Rivky Frand (New York)



burnham“The Torah live material is well researched, compelling, and speaks to today's generation in a relevant and meaningful way.”

- Rabbi Leiby Burnham (Detroit)




yudkovski“The combination of audio visual - sound, music, and hands on experience - creates a lasting effect that bears fruit a hundred times longer than just an ordinary shiur”

– Rabbi Chaim Yitzchak Yudkovski (Jerusalem)



tropper“It was amazing to see how powerfully and quickly the material and its mode of presentation captured the hearts and minds of my students."

– Rabbi Yosef Tropper (Baltimore)




manning“Torah Live communicates with people in a language they understand and enjoy. A visionary and imaginative presentation which engages young people in an exciting and professional way.”

– Rabbi Anthony Manning (Jerusalem)


basserabieThe kids loved it! Torah Live’s cutting edge makes Judaism come alive for students and teachers alike. There are a lot of Torah-tech organizations out there but none that are as comprehensive and user friendly as Torah Live. If only you had more presentations…"

- Ryan Basserabie (Australia)



horwitz"By far the most engaging presentation I have ever heard on the subject. Presented in a unique style that captured the attention and interest of both business and non-business professionals alike."

- Rabbi Dovid Horwitz (Raanana)


“People are blown away by these presentations and it has had a profound impact on them.”

– Rabbi Yonason Shippel (New York)



The children were captivated from just seeing the pictures and hearing Torah presented in such a concise and visually stimulating way."

- Yaakov Kramer (Kisharon special needs school, London)

Quotes from audiences

"Well-presented, well-sourced, and well-worth it!"

Binyomin Bass (Aish Hatorah)

"Captivating and interesting."

- Myriam Elhadad (Be'ar Miriam)

"Enlightening...very engaging... I found the ideas presented to be an investment in my future!"

-Lawrence Stroll (Atlanta, Georgia)

"I was astounded by how such a complex topic can be made so simple!"

- Aliza Nussbaum (Darchei Bina)

"Opened my eyes to things I was not aware of! Very informative. A pleasure to be part of."

- Rebbetzin Jackie Kirsch (JLE)

"Very impressive! Informative and motivating."

- Ruthie Simon (Kesher)

"Well prepared, professional, stimulating, informative and inspirational multi-media presentation."

- Rivkah Herskine (London)

"I've never seen anything like it! Inspiring...spontaneous...enjoyable."

- Udi Rothstein (Sisterhood, Givat Hamivtar)

"Practical advice for achieving success in life. Entertaining and highly enjoyable!"

- Dana Dadoun (Sisterhood,  Heichal HaTorah)

"The slickest shiur I have ever seen...Superbly organized and entertaining."

- Shmuel Miller (Manhattan)

"Brilliant...extremely informative...inspiring...powerful..."

- Shmuli Galandauer (Ohr Samayach)

"Catches your attention...very organized...easy to learn."

- Aliza Wasawsky (Pninim)

"An informative, engaging presentation, with many relevant sources and examples."

- Meir Shapiro (Sha'alvim)

"Truly amazing!"

- Hyim Bessin (Shaarei Shamayim, Toronto)

"My staff and I found your lecture entertaining, educational, and enlightening. Besides it being clearly organized, the lecture was given in a creative and engaging manner and I am confident that other businessmen will enjoy it as much as I did."

- Gary Philips (Solomon Taylor Law Firm, London)

"One finds oneself learning without even realizing it!"

- Debbie Eizikowitz (The White Shul, New York)