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Make your child's bar / bat mitzvah year the experience of a lifetime

stunning-3d Onsite Visits Develop Acting Skills
real-life Learn video production
real-life See mitzvah come to life
Share video with guests

How does the bar / bat mitzvah package work?

Pick a Mitzvah
Receive regular source sheets
Star in the film
Develop acting skills
Receive training for public speaking
Witness behind-the-scenes production work
See the Mitzvah come to life through trips and tours
Show the finished film at bar/bat mitzvah celebration
Share the film with your friends!

Besides staring in the actual film, your child will also be involved in the various stages of the films production, seeing behind-the-scenes work that goes into the research, filming, editing, as well as coming to shoots. Your child will be encouraged to contribute content and ideas.

Over the course of the year, your child will have the opportunity to attend several shoots and visit locations connected to the chosen mitzvah.

Your child will also receive speaker training lessons that will enhance his or her appearance in the film and help them develop their acting and public speaking skills in general.

They will also receive tailor made source sheets that you can study together with them. These will be sent out to you each month.

The final video will be presented to family and friends at the bar / bat mitzvah to mark the special occasion.

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