“I love learning Torah but I'm not able to devote a lot of time to it because I am in medical school. This is a perfect way for me to learn at my own pace.”
Conner Brown
Louisiana, 3 hours from any orthodox community
“Although my children attend the (only) Jewish day school, it always seems like it's never quite enough and being able to watch these together and discuss crucial Jewish teachings is incredibly valuable. Thank you again!”
Kira Bacal
New Zealand
“The film was amazing, well done and brought to life Lashon Hara and Positivity in such a tangible matter that I know it's impact will last my lifetime iy"h.”
Ahuva Shore
Jerusalem, commenting on the Shmiras Halashon series.
“I work for the largest entertainment company in the world [Disney], and yet my younger kids have not expressed this level of excitement about meeting other talent (well, except for maybe some from Star Wars). After each video, you continue to rise to the top of their list (but, of course, you haven’t surpassed Kobe Bryant, yet).”
Jim Kapenstein
Associate General Counsel, Walt Disney Company, Los Angeles
“Uniquely inspiring… My kids watch them over and over again ...I cannot recommend Torah Live strongly enough!”
Elan Shasha
“My kids all love it. We’ve watched all of them: Tefillin, Happiness… I’m really one of your fans.”
Mrs. Hindy Fuld
“You have accomplished something that has never been done before! Creating captivating and engaging content that is 100% Torah and is serious competition to what the secular world has to offer.”
David Levi
Coral Springs, Florida
“How great to be able to provide such powerful religious content in such a fun way that you can spend an evening watching it with your kids instead of a movie!”
Dr. Benji Schreiber
“I just wanted to say that your shemiras halashon video is incredible. The quality, detail and professionalism are unreal. I honestly believe this is the highest quality Torah video I have ever seen.”
Rabbi Avrohom Zeidman
Senior Educator JGIFT
“Usually when a teacher is out and there is a substitute, that means that there will not be much learning going on that day. Once Torah Live came along that all changed.”
Rabbi Eli Perles
Melvin Berman Hebrew Academy
“Sophisticated subjects are broken down into digestible units with exceptional skill, utilizing the very best in modern technology.”
R' Moshe Heigh
Cincinnati-Atara Girls High School
“Torah Live is a perfect example of taking Torah concepts and bringing them to life in a way that children will be excited and interested in learning.”
Mrs. Ahuvah Heyman
School Director, Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore
“Torah Live communicates with people in a language they understand and enjoy. A visionary and imaginative presentation which engages young people in an exciting and professional way.”
Rabbi Anthony Manning
Baer Miriam
“It is incredible to be able to teach such a complex area of halacha in a way that both beginners and advanced students grasp something on their level. It’s really bringing the greatness of Torah to the community.”
Rabbi Yaakov Vann
Calabasas Shul