Testimonials - Torah Live - Torah Videos for Jewish Kids, Adults, and Teachers


hasmonean boys (1)"Well-presented, well-sourced, and well-worth it!"

- Binyomin Bass (Student, Aish Hatorah)

"Captivating and interesting."

- Myriam Elhadad (Student, Be'ar Miriam)

"Enlightening...very engaging... I found the ideas presented to be an investment in my future!"

-Lawrence Stroll (Atlanta, Georgia)

michlala-(8)"I was astounded by how such a complex topic can be made so simple!"

- Aliza Nussbaum (Student, Darchei Bina)

"Opened my eyes to things I was not aware of! Very informative. A pleasure to be part of."

- Rebbetzin Jackie Kirsch (JLE)

"Very impressive! Informative and motivating."

- Ruthie Simon (Kesher)

ramat bet shemesh (3)"Well prepared, professional, stimulating, informative and inspirational multi-media presentation."

- Rivkah Herskine (Student, London)

"I've never seen anything like it! Inspiring...spontaneous...enjoyable."

- Udi Rothstein (Sisterhood, Givat Hamivtar)

michalala-(2)"Practical advice for achieving success in life. Entertaining and highly enjoyable!"

- Dana Dadoun (Sisterhood,  Heichal HaTorah)

"The slickest shiur I have ever seen...Superbly organized and entertaining."

- Shmuel Miller (Manhattan)

"Brilliant...extremely informative...inspiring...powerful..."

- Shmuli Galandauer (Student, Ohr Samayach)

"Catches your attention...very organized...easy to learn."

- Aliza Wasawsky (Student, Pninim)

machon yaakov"An informative, engaging presentation, with many relevant sources and examples."

- Meir Shapiro (Student, Sha'alvim)

"Truly amazing!"

- Hyim Bessin (Student, Shaarei Shamayim, Toronto)

"My staff and I found your lecture entertaining, educational, and enlightening. Besides it being clearly organized, the lecture was given in a creative and engaging manner and I am confident that other businessmen will enjoy it as much as I did."

- Gary Philips (Solomon Taylor Law Firm, London)

"One finds oneself learning without even realizing it!"

- Debbie Eizikowitz (The White Shul, New York)