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chader chabad needs more torah

Join us in bringing Torah to life for the students of cheder chabad of monsey.

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The Story


Why do we want Torah Live in our school?

Because these days, in comparison to flashing screens and quick adrenaline rushes of computers, learning can seem so…dry.

Not with Torah Live, though. The platform combines the engagement and fun of games with our timeless values.

  • 40+ courses on everything ranging from halacha to middos and hashkafah
  • Exciting games, quizzes, and bonus content that our students look forward to
  • Bring-it-to-life prizes when they buy real-world mitzvos from the Impact Store

Unlike video games, Torah Live is not passive or mindless. In fact, it’s built to be intrinsically motivating, with activities, games, and rewards packed into every course. At cheder chabad of monsey, we see it firsthand.

In classrooms across 1-8 grades, our students are engaged in Torah. Because it’s so fun, they love learning more than ever before. And because it’s so intensively researched, they’re gaining authentic Torah with every video.

Now our students look forward to the moments Rabbi Siddur pops up to teach them something new.

There’s no way to deny this – Torah Live is changing the way our kids experience the vibrancy of Torah.

Today, we’re asking for your help. Please help us cover the costs of this invaluable asset.

Your support allows us to meet our students where they’re at, using the modern game-based platform to impart the age-old beauty of our mesorah.

Join us in bringing Torah to life for the students of cheder chabad of monsey.

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About Torah Live

In an age where kids are swept along by videos, TV, internet, and video games — what chance do we have of engaging them? How can we enthrall them with Torah’s timeless lessons if we don’t tap into the mediums they understand? Torah Live’s interactive platform makes learning as addictively fun as video games and TV. The 40+ courses, games, rewards, quizzes, and points give kids the gift of real Torah — in a format they cannot resist.

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