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Igniting a Chesed Movement: The “Live to Give” Series

Live to Give is not just a video series — it’s a movement. 7 episodes. 164 actors. 120 locations. 1 theme: chesed

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The Story

What if every Jewish person lived to give?

This newest film is poised to unleash a tidal wave of chesed.

Torah Live is the world’s #1 Jewish educational platform, with 12,000+ active users and 2,000,000+ video views in the past year alone.

Our secret?

Entertainment that is visually-addictive, sophisticated, on par with today’s most popular media — and rich with Jewish values.

Torah Live has built an entire online community of students and families who are excited about learning and living Torah.

And Live to Give — our newest film — is our most ambitious project to date.

This 7-episode film series (45 minutes/episode) follows three teenaged influencers as they discover the shallowness of their fame-driven lives — and start a multimedia movement to refocus their lives on giving.

Our main characters discover that nothing fills you up like giving to others — and subsequently invite the audience to join their chesed movement.

Live to Give is not just “an inspirational film.”
It is a story, a catalyst, and a movement of chesed.

Our signature Real World Impact program turns the film’s theoretical inspiration into real-life action. Jewish kids can use their dinarim to ‘buy’ real mitzvos like:

  • Sponsoring animal therapy 🏇

  • Buying a new mezuzah 🚪

  • Sending flowers to a home-bound individual. 💐

Our Chesed Hacks submissions helps the chesed go viral — encouraging users to publicly announce their chesed commitments (and bring their friends along!), creating a world where kindness-infused living is the norm.

In conjunction with beloved singer Ari Goldwag (who composed the stirring Live to Give theme song), Torah Live will amplify the film’s impact by hosting live concerts for thousands of attendees in London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Toronto, and Jerusalem. 

Ari’s YouTube channel (30,000+ subscribers) + Torah Live’s 120,000+ user community = a record-breaking number of Jewish people ready to give more, every single day.

Chesed is our essence. 

In a world that is self-absorbed, quick to hate, and swift to judge, we need the message of Live to Give more than ever.

Let’s bridge the gap between Jew to Jew and ask, “How can I give?”

Live to Give will transform the lives of tens of thousands, inspiring Jewish kids around the world to start their own chesed initiatives. 

Through Live to Give, Jewish kids worldwide will develop “Chesed eyes” — the ability to see what’s missing in their community, classroom, or home — and feel empowered and motivated to fill those needs.


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Join a nationwide revolution of kindness. 


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