Whoa, adventurers! 🎉 The Torah Quest has wrapped up. It was a whirlwind of fun, clues, and Torah wisdom!
We're all out of treasure, but the spirit of discovery lives on. Dive into more Torah adventures by exploring our website here.

The Torah Quest

Torah is alive on the streets of Baltimore!

Gear up for mystery, action, and fun with Baltimore’s first-ever Torah Live scavenger hunt!

The Torah Quest will end with a community-wide carnival!

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Sunday, June 25, 2023 - 1 P.M.


Pikesville, Baltimore


Families - with kids 6-12

Wholesome, free fun for the entire family.

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Supporting Sponsors & Schools

JCC of Greater Baltimore
The Candy Store
Simply Gourmet
Seven Mile Market
Rabbi Siddur

Bring Torah to life in the city you love.

“Shalom Aleichem!

I’m Rabbi Siddur, Torah Live’s resident Rabbi.

Torah Live, the leading educational video platform for the Jewish community, ignites Jewish learning in a fun, engaging and interactive way. Torah Live is the world's first fully interactive, innovative Torah learning platform for children that is revolutionizing Jewish education.

On June 25th get ready for The Torah Quest - a Sunday Funday, scavenger hunt and carnival, an adventure of magnificent proportions.

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How it works


1. Get your map

Get your map by email, or pick one up as you get started at one of our Torah Quest locations. Your map will show you where you can begin.

See you there!


2. Solve + scavenge

Solve real-life questions about halacha, brachos, middos and Shabbos at each stop. Log your answers on your printed map and continue with the next clue.

What’s a vegetable you make a “ha’etz” on? Should you toivel a snazzy plastic spatula?


3. Uncover treasure

Enjoy fun surprises like Torah Live swag and fun prizes through The Torah Quest as you successfully complete fun riddles.


4. Mission complete

Shkoyach! You’ve completed the Torah-related challenges and successfully finished The Quest!
It's time to return your map to the Park Heights JCC and enjoy a spectacular afternoon at Torah Live’s Torah Quest carnival.

Popcorn, ice pops, moonbounces, face painting, and more!

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Torah Live

Put Torah on the map (literally).

Get ready for a day of wholesome family fun on June 25th!

  • Fun, interactive Torah riddles
  • 5 different locations where Torah comes to life
  • Memory-making moments - Don’t forget to take pics!
  • Community bonding (bring your friends, cousins, and Great Aunt Edith)
  • Awesome swag, win exciting gift cards, and more
  • Top it all off with a fun carnival

“Not one of us died during the Mabul – find me to find your next clue”

R’ Yehudah HaChasid said to avoid me on Rosh Chodesh. Where am I?

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Conner Brown
Conner Brown
Louisiana, 3 hours from any orthodox community
“I love learning Torah but I'm not able to devote a lot of time to it because I am in medical school. This is a perfect way for me to learn at my own pace.”
"I hate to say this, but I think Torah Live’s Torah Quest is even better than authentic Yerushalmi Kugel.”
Rabbi Siddur

Rabbi Siddur

Star Soloist of the Pushka Janglin’ Band

The Torah Quest

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Pre-Registration is required.

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