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Prophecies Revealed

Josh has waited until the last minute to write an essay about preparing for Mashiach and now he’s in trouble! 

Luckily, Rabbi Siddur comes to his rescue…

In Prophecies Revealed, Rabbi Siddur explains how Hashem’s prophecies always come true. The promises that Hashem made to Avraham Avinu and to the people of Israel in the Torah and Tanach have all come true - both the negative and the positive prophecies. Just as He foretold through the biblical prophets what will happen throughout history, His prophecies about redemption will also come true - speedily and in our day!

The Perfect Pesach Video

Prophecies Revealed also serves as a Pesach video, highlighting the Vehi SheAmda prayer we say on seder night. In every generation, someone arises who tries to destroy us, but Hashem saves us time and time again. This look back at history encourages us and shows us that G-d is there for us no matter what. We have already begun to see the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel, we have already seen how the land has become fertile for returning Jews and we have hope that “Next year in Jerusalem” will become a reality sooner rather than later.


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