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The Purim Megillah Slideshow

The Purim Megillah Slideshow

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Everyone loves the Torah Live Purim Megillah slideshow!

The megillah slideshow can be found in the "Premium Content" section. 

It includes still pictures which help people follow along with the pasuk that is currently being recited by the baal koreh from his klaf. It can also be used in the classroom, to help teach and illustrate the verses.

NOTE: When asked whether it is permitted to show a slideshow during the megillah, Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits answered: "Yes. For people that can’t follow Hebrew, the most they can do is allow the words to enter their ears, but they'll be thinking of something else anyway. The slideshow would accomplish keeping their mind focused on the topic. As far as distracting people that can follow and understand Hebrew – they shouldn't be there unless necessary for the program." 

Purim Coloring Book

In addition to the colorful slideshow, you can download an 85-page Purim coloring book based on the original slideshow. It consists of many black and white images showing scenes from the megillah. Kids can color them at home or in the classroom and the pictures can be hung on a wall or stapled together to form a summary of the Purim story.


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