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Make a Real World Impact!

Below are a bunch of mitzvot that you can activate in the real world! Just make sure you have enough dinarim.

How does it work?

After you join Torah Live, make sure to open your dinar chest so you can collect dinarim. You can open the chest once a day. 🪙 Once you’ve collected enough dinarim, come here to the Impact Store and choose the way you want to impact the world! 🔥

The Impact Store

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Food & Supplies for Soldiers
Help Israeli soldiers win the war by having food and supplies and heartwarming cards delivered to them.
2dinar coin
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Help a child learn to walk for the first time by supporting their hydrotherapy.
5dinar coin
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Animal Therapy
Help a child learn critical life skills by providing them with animal therapy.
5dinar coin
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Demonstration from a Sofer
Bring a professional sofer to your classroom for a virtual demonstration
12dinar coin
store item image
Your own letter in a Sefer Torah
Help restore an old Sefer Torah by sponsoring your own letter
7dinar coin
store item image
Questions from Around the World
Help Jews around the world get answers to their pressing halachik questions.
4dinar coin

Want to make a real world impact?

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“The beautiful method of delivery is both engaging and practical and is a fabulous and educational way to compete with the non-Torah alternative that is bombarding our children!”

Ben Rosenfelder

The Impact Store