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In tefillah, there is a recurring concept of giving thanks (hodaah). Why is it so important to have gratitude to Hashem? How can we train ourselves to look at the good in our lives instead of focusing on what we don't have?


Thanking Hashem


Throughout tefillah, there is a constant theme of thanking Hashem. We start the day by acknowledging the gift of life with modeh ani and continue with brachos thanking Him for the abilities and health that we have. When you appreciate what Hashem has given you, you can also appreciate what your parents and others do for you on a regular basis.


Gratitude Film in Memory of Charlie Goldfarb, יחזקאל בן אשר ז"ל


Charlie, of blessed memory, epitomized “giving the shirt off his back” in both his personal life as a mensch, and in his professional life as a dedicated attorney. With a zest for life focused on gratitude and positivity, Charlie always answered the question of “How are you?” with an emphatic “Thank G-d” or “ Baruch Hashem,” with a twinkle in his eye no matter what was going on. The stories of gratitude people have had for Charlie’s help, counsel, support, patience, handyman skills, friendship, and a dependable laugh, are endless. We are filled with enormous gratitude for Hashem's gift of Charlie, who was a wonderful husband, father, brother, Grandpa, friend, mensch and colleague who was a source of great wisdom, laughs, determination, and gratitude.