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Talking to Hashem

You can talk to Hashem about anything! You don’t even need a siddur for talking to Hashem. All you need to do is connect to your heart, be honest about your feelings and speak openly to Hashem. In any situation, you can ask for help. In fact, the mitzvah of tefillah is based on the mitzvah to cry out to Hashem before going to war.

Power of Tefillah

The power of tefillah is so strong that you can daven for anything, big or small. He wants us to talk to him about everything. And you don’t have to daven only at set prayer times; you can reach out whenever you feel the need. In this course, Rabbi Siddur explains to Josh how powerful prayer can be when it comes straight from the heart.

Davening from the Siddur

If tefillah is so powerful, why don’t we pray all the time? Why do most of us think that davening from a siddur is enough? And why is it important to daven even if we aren’t inspired? Learn from Rabbi Siddur how and why to daven, with and without a siddur. Find out what’s so special about the words of the siddur and why it’s important to daven with a minyan.

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