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Learning Torah Matters

Sometimes it can be challenging to relate to certain parts of the Torah and understand why they matter in our modern lives. Every child who starts learning Torah asks this question: "Rebbe, why do I need to know this? Why do I need to learn this if I don't have an ox and don't plan to buy one?" In this video, Rabbi Siddur and his young student explore the importance of Torah study and its effect on every aspect of our lives.

Rabbi Isaiah ben Abraham Horowitz, more commonly known as the 
Shlah HaKadosh (1555-1630), composed a prayer for parents to daven for their children’s spiritual success.

This tefillah can be recited at any time, and Rosh Chodesh Sivan is an especially auspicious time for it, since it is the month in which we commemorate the giving of the Torah.

Download our beautifully designed version, complete with English translation, and hang it near the shabbos candles or slip it into the back of your siddur.

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Mendy Naparstek
Mendy Naparstek
5 months ago

Very nice!
Just to point out another significant specialty when learning Torah. Just as any Mitzvah we do, we are making a connection with G-d same is every time we learn, even before mastering it, we are fulfilling the Mitzvah of ‘learning Torah’ and thereby at this very moment making a connection with G-d.

2 months ago

However, the Ramchal in Derech Hashem says that the strongest and most powerful connection with Hashem is created through the learning of torah.

Boruch Schwey
Boruch Schwey
5 months ago

Thanks so much

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