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Learning Torah Matters

We know that learning Torah matters and that there is a mitzvah of talmud Torah, but can we explain why? Sometimes it can be challenging to relate to certain parts of the Torah and understand why they matter in our modern lives. Every child who starts learning Torah asks this question: "Rebbe, why do I need to know this? Why do I need to learn this if I don't have an ox and don't plan to buy one?" The Torah includes discussions about sacrifices, tumah and taharah (purity and impurity) and other issues which seem to belong to the past. Many kids - and even adults - are confused as to why it’s necessary to learn these things.

Why Study Torah?

When a student asks, “Why do I need to learn about sacrifices?” he is actually asking, why study Torah at all? How will sitting and learning make my life better? In this video, Rabbi Siddur and his young student explore the importance of Torah study and its effect on every aspect of our lives. 

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