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In this fascinating series, Torah Live searches for the lost techeiles, looks at how tzitzis are made, shows how to tie your own tzitzis and teaches the laws and deeper meaning of this age old mitzvah. This multimedia presentation offers a unique blend of practical guidance and inspiration.

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Menachem Mordechia
Menachem Mordechia
1 year ago

This was VERY good. I loved the way it was laid out, the pace, and the information provided. It was particularly helpful to learn about the different minhag.

asher bree
asher bree
9 months ago

Can you please make a class how to make tzitzis by hand

pesi freed
pesi freed
9 months ago

can you please make a class about 2 hole tzitzis

Steven strimling
Steven strimling
7 months ago

The lesson on tying tzitzis doesn’t included the case of having techelis.

Michoel Bodenheim
Michoel Bodenheim
6 months ago

I found this extremely interesting and well presented, especially the part about techeiles. Thank you so much!

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