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When a Jewish man wears a four-cornered garment, the Torah obligates him to add tzitzis (or tzitzit) to it, to serve as a visual reminder to keep the Torah. In today’s world, most garments that we wear don’t have four corners, but since the visual reminder is important, boys and men wear special four-cornered garments with tzitzis attached to them. The tzitzis remind us of the mitzvos and they show others that you work for the greatest boss there is - the Master of the Universe.

The Mitzvah of Wearing Tzitzis

In this fascinating series, Torah Live searches for the lost techeiles, looks at how tzitzis are made, shows you how to tie your own tzitzis and teaches the laws and deeper meaning of this age-old mitzvah. This presentation offers a unique blend of practical guidance and inspiration for the mitzvah of wearing tzitzis.

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