Sponsorship Opportunities

New topics
You can inspire the world with new Torah Live content. We’ve created videos on topics as diverse as Shabbos, Halacha, Middos, Emunah and Tefillah, Tzitzis, Free Will, and more.

The following topics are currently in mid-production and still available to be sponsored:

• Why Do Bad Things Happen?
• Prophecies Come True
• Judging Favorably
• Chesed and Lovingkindness
• Torah Study
• Honoring Parents
• Jewish Unity and Love of Eretz Yisrael
• Gratitude
• Jealousy
• Revenge
• Peace / Shalom
• Inclusion
• Patience
• And More
Teachers today face a tremendous challenge as they do everything in their power to instill a love for Torah in their students. As the secular world moves ahead at lightning speed, Jewish educators often feel at a loss when trying to present material in a way that their students will relate to and enjoy.

When you sponsor a school-wide membership to Torah Live, you not only empower teachers with videos, you also give them access to our extensive educator’s platform and network. Parents will be able to utilize Torah Live in their home environments, bringing the learning and excitement into their homes.
When a child begs his parents and teachers to please let him watch just one more chapter of Torah Live, we know we’re making a difference. And this happens all the time. We respect every student’s unique way of absorbing information, and they respect the serious Torah content they absorb through our videos.

New Torah Live videos are constantly in process. When you choose to sponsor a chapter, you will help us to create the top-level production that our audiences crave. Each chapter requires hundreds of hours of work and is designed to touch a specific point in Avodas Hashem and Shemiras haMitzvos.
Torah Live’s videos have the power to transform Jewish students in communities across the world. When you sponsor Torah Live memberships for your city, you empower an entire community with exciting tools for growth and introspection.

Sponsoring a ‘Torah Live’ city entitles every school, shul, outreach organization, and home in your city to enjoy premium access to the entire Torah Live for free. Hundreds of thousands of Jews in your hometown will grow in their love of HaShem and His mitzvos in your merit!

Click here to see how a Torah Live sponsorship can transform your city.
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
Add meaning to your child’s bar/bat mitzvah year by creating a Torah Live video on a topic of your choice. Whether he or she stars in front of the camera or gets involved in the various stages of the film’s production, your child will play a crucial part in the creation of a brand new Torah video.

We’ll design an experience tailor-made to suit your child’s unique talents and capabilities. Your son or daughter’s video will become part of the Torah Live library and will inspire thousands of Jewish students around the world - not to mention how fabulous it will be to screen the debut viewing at the bar/bat mitzvah itself! ”View Example
Legacy videos
Torah Live’s tribute videos inspire future generations through the accomplishments of a loved one. Thousands of Torah Live visitors each month are able to learn about their fine qualities and the impact they had on so many lives.

Children, grandchildren, family, and friends can be interviewed for the tribute video and appear in the video too. It's a beautiful way to ensure their memory lives on for generations to come.

View Examples:
Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel | Mr. Chaim Schreiber