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A Breadth of Subjects

Get instant access to 70+ videos and courses on an array of subjects, like Shabbos, Emunah, Tefillah, Chagim, Hashkafa, Halacha, and more. Our paid plan unlocks additional exclusive content like our beloved Ahavas Hashem course (pun intended 😉) and eye-opening Music course.

Full Suite of Features

Quizzes, challenges, games? Yes, yes, and yes! Paid plans include interactive elements to keep your students engaged and accountable — PLUS teacher guides, student workbooks, inter-school competitions, and more.

Self-paced Learning

Torah Live videos get students excited and engaged (it’s almost as good as a free period 😆). Combine with in-class teaching or assign as a standalone unit — and allow your students to watch in the classroom or at home. Upgrade for additional student visibility, so you always know where every student is holding.

Simple to Use

We created Torah Live with you in mind. Our platform was designed to be easy to use (even for the less tech-savvy among us 😉). Value and Premium plans include weekly webinars covering new features, best practices, and Q&A for extra support and training.

Meticulously Researched

Hundreds of hours of research, Rabbinic consultation, and source checking are poured into each Torah Live course. The results? The highest-quality, most authentic and kosher videos on the web. 💥

Relevant for Students

Torah Live videos are Just. Plain. Enjoyable! They were carefully crafted to speak the language of middle and high school boys and girls, focusing on issues that are deeply relevant to their day-to-day lives.

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Rabbi Avrohom Zeidman
Rabbi Avrohom Zeidman
Senior Educator JGIFT
“I just wanted to say that your shemiras halashon video is incredible. The quality, detail and professionalism are unreal. I honestly believe this is the highest quality Torah video I have ever seen.”
Rabbi Eli Perles
Rabbi Eli Perles
Melvin Berman Hebrew Academy
“Usually when a teacher is out and there is a substitute, that means that there will not be much learning going on that day. Once Torah Live came along that all changed.”
R' Moshe Heigh
R' Moshe Heigh
Cincinnati-Atara Girls High School
“Sophisticated subjects are broken down into digestible units with exceptional skill, utilizing the very best in modern technology.”

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