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Why Educators Need Torah Live

A Breadth of Subjects

Get instant access to all of our films and courses on a breadth of subjects such as Shabbos, Emunah, Tefillah, Chagim, Hashkafah, Halachah, and more.

Full Suite of Features

Our robust platform provides you with exciting videos, interactive quizzes, challenges and games that keep your students engaged and accountable.

Self-paced Learning

Students can work at their own speed in the classroom or at home. Combine with in-class teaching or assign as a stand-alone unit.

Simple to Use

We created Torah Live with you in mind. Our platform was designed to be easy to use (even for the less tech-savvy among us). We offer in-depth support and training for any educator that wants to bring Torah Live into their classroom.

Meticulously Researched

Hundreds of hours of research, Rabbinic consultation and source checking are poured into each Torah Live course.

Relevant for Students

Torah Live films are exciting and informative. Our content was specifically developed to speak in the language of middle school and high school boys and girls and to focus on the issues relevant in their lives.

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