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  • Access 500+ enriching, kosher Torah videos that cost over $10,000,000 to produce - with more added regularly
  • Full interactive platform: games, quizzes, comics, and challenges
  • Parent or Teacher Control Dashboard
  • Up to 24 students or family members*
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For parents, sponsors and education professionals

  • Access 500+ enriching, kosher Torah videos that cost over $10,000,000 to produce - with more added regularly
  • Full interactive platform: games, quizzes, comics, and challenges
  • Parent or Teacher Control Dashboard
  • Up to 36 students or family members*
  • Access to our Golden Oldies collection — 100+ more videos
  • Student workbooks, source sheets, posters, presentation graphics and notes
  • Personal training for home or classroom use
  • Live tour of Torah Live’s new Production Studio next time you’re in Jerusalem
  • VIP voting pass — choose future topics and features!
  • Live Q&A session for your class with Torah Live staff
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*Only for immediate family living in the same house, or one teacher in his / her own class.

Tax-deductible & ma’aser approved
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Questions? You must be Jewish 😉

Can I pay for a subscription with ma’aser money?

Yes! Rav Yitzchak Berkovits ruled that you can sign up for a paid Torah Live account with ma’aser money. By doing so, you will be joining us in our mission to revitalize Jewish education for hundreds of thousands of children around the world.

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“My kids are hooked!”

It's been four days and we're still going strong on just the emunah and tefilla series. My kids are hooked! We are blown away. This is unbelievable content that is relevant and professionally done. We cannot thank you enough.

Zehava Gross, Detroit, MI

“It got my son thinking”

Torah Live provides me and my children with informative and entertaining videos. My son was having a very hard time with tefilah and going to minyan. He watched the Tefilah and Emuna series and really enjoyed it! The videos got him thinking and answered many of his questions as it relates to him as a young kid. We can’t wait to watch the rest of the videos!

Lillian, Winnipeg, Canada

“We feel truly inspired”

Torah Live helped us learn so many fundamental aspects of Yiddishkeit. The outstanding visuals, graphics and content, coupled with true Torah hashkafah, has given us something to feel truly inspired by. We appreciate everything that has gone into producing Torah Live and keeping it going.

Rosen Family, Manchester, UK

“The only Torah we don’t need to cajole him to watch”

Torah Live is fabulous for our 9 year old. There is so much material online for Jewish children, but Torah Live is the only one we don’t need to ask him (or cajole him) to watch. He brings over the computer on his own and asks, “Can we watch Torah Live?”
The topics, the professional way it is all handled, the engaging way you approach the subjects all makes it truly incredible.

Binyamin Goldstein

“Extremely positive reactions from students”

We thoroughly appreciated and gained tremendously from Torah Live. It is masterfully done — with humor, clear and indisputable lessons, and captivating drama. I noticed extremely positive reactions from the students.

Rabbi Moshe Heigh, Atara Girls High School

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