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Torah Live has a track record of producing exciting multimedia presentations and videos to engage audiences of all backgrounds.
Now you can take your projects to the next level with our highly talented team.

Interested? Email [email protected] and tell us what you need.We look forward to working with you! (Only for Torah related projects.)

Case Studies


Yavneh College, London

Rabbi Andrew Davis, head of Jewish Studies at Yavneh College, presented Torah Live with a challenge: “Revive our kashrus curriculum! The kids are using outdated, black and white sheets to learn about the topic and it’s so dry! We need fresh and new, multimedia material to get them excited about the subject.”

The Torah Live team, always game for a challenge, got right to work. First, we sat in the back of a couple of classes to get to understand the type of students the school catered to.
Having understood our clientele, we then spent several months researching and script writing, forming five tailor made classes – including cartoon animations, videos, and instructors’ guides guaranteed to engage the students.

Throughout the process, Yavneh was sent several drafts for comments and feedback to ensure they would be totally satisfied with the final product.
The result? “Although designed for Year 7,” said Rabbi Davis, “I tested the final product on our 6th formers as well – and even they loved it! I look forward to hiring you to revamp our Shabbos curriculum next!”

Click here to view a taste of the final product

Yeshivas Mir, Jerusalem

Yeshivas Mir of Jerusalem wanted something really special for their first ever European fundraising dinner held in November of last year. So they approached Torah Live with the task of producing two films: a tribute video about the late Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel, and an upbeat promotional video about the Yeshiva. Both films were screened at Wembly Conference Hall to a crowded room of 1200 people and were very warmly received. Click here to see pictures of the event.

Schreiber Charitable Trust

The Schreiber Charitable Trust commissioned Torah Live to produce a 50 minute presentation in memory of Mr. Chaim Schreiber. This included the creation of a short biographical video about Mr. Schreiber’s life legacy so that his achievements in the area of man management will inspire generations to come.

Bar Mitzvah of Elitzur Gitler

Joseph and Leelah Gitler, are preparing to celebrate the bar mitzvah of their son, Elitzur, in Torah-true fashion, with a tailor-made video about the tremendous mitzvah of writing a sefer Torah.

The bar mitzvah boy, Elitzur, will narrate the film, and give over the halachos and meaning of the mitzvah, which appears in his br mitzvah parshah, with the final film being screened for the very first time at his bar mitzvah celebration next year. Elitzur will also receive source sheets each month, enabling him to study the topic in depth and be involved in the research and various production stages.

One year from now, please God, YOU will have a new Torah Live presentation for your family and students to enjoy!