What’s Your Chesed Hack?

What's Your Chesed Hack?

Have you always wanted to do chesed (kindness) on a really big scale but didn't have the time or money to do so?

Now you can!

Torah Live's new video series on the topic of Chesed and Loving Kindness offers you the opportunity to fulfill your dream. Watch this video to find out how.


By sharing your chesed idea, it will be seen worldwide and inspire thousands of other people to do the same. Thus your act of chesed will be spread to people and places you could never reach on your own.

The top five voted #chesedhacks will entitle the winners to become Torah Live ambassadors. You will be able to choose a community, shul, or school of your choice to get free home-user access to Torah Live - in your name. Thus, your #chesedhack will bring even more chesed in its wake! Offer ends November 1.

Post your chesed hack below.


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Hadassah Levy
Hadassah Levy

I have a friend who goes to the bakery every Friday afternoon right before closing and collects the challah that they would have to throw away. After candle lighting, she visits a number of struggling families and presents them with free fresh challah for shabbos.

David Corman
David Corman

There’s an older man in my shul who lives by himself. I sometimes help to arrange Shabbos and Yom Tov meals for him so he has a place to go.