Why Teach Jewish Kids with Video and Games

Why Teach Jewish Kids with Video and Games

If you’ve been following Torah Live for a while, you know the story of how Rabbi Dan Roth started out teaching, but quickly discovered that Jewish kids today are much more focused when they are learning with technology.

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Kiddush for Sukkos Night and Brachos for the Mitzvah of Sukkah

Tired of searching through the machzor for kiddush on Sukkos night? This handy printable sheet has everything you need for kiddush as well as the brachos for the mitzvah of sukkah.

by Hadassah Levy on Oct 02, 2022

Rosh Hashanah Torah for Kids

We’ve got at least four meals on Rosh Hashanah, and we all want our kids to participate in the Torah that’s shared at the table. Here are some short Divrei Torah for kids to present at the Yom Tov meals.

by Hadassah Levy on Sep 23, 2022
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Recreating the Golan

For our upcoming feature, “Live to Give,” an exciting film that teaches chesed on a totally new level, we needed to shoot a scene in the Golan. No problem for us. We’ve been to the Kinneret, and the Golan is only a bit farther. But we had an added challenge.

by Sharon Katz on Sep 06, 2022
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Jewish Education

Why Say Tefilas HaDerech?

Tefilas HaDerech is recited before taking a trip outside the city limits. In this tefillah, we ask Hashem to protect us from the perils of travel.

by Hadassah Levy on Sep 06, 2022
Jewish Education

There's a Bracha for Everything! The Blessing of Asher Yatzar

We tend to think that brachos are for holy things, like mitzvos, or for the more obvious blessings in our lives like the food we eat. And yet...

by Hadassah Levy on Aug 31, 2022