Why Teach Jewish Kids with Video and Games

Why Teach Jewish Kids with Video and Games

If you’ve been following Torah Live for a while, you know the story of how Rabbi Dan Roth started out teaching, but quickly discovered that Jewish kids today are much more focused when they are learning with technology.

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Jewish Kids Take on Elul

The month of Elul is the perfect opportunity to brush up on important concepts like middos, tefillah and shofar. Torah Live provides Jewish kids with an in-depth and entertaining way to do just that.

by Hadassah Levy on Aug 25, 2022
Jewish Education

Parshas Ekev: Serving Hashem through Tefillah

This week’s parsha, Ekev, includes the second paragraph of shema, vehaya im shamoa, which is the source of the mitzvah of tefillah according to the Rambam.

by Hadassah Levy on Aug 18, 2022

Live to Give - The Inspiration behind the Chesed Film

What can we do today to engage kids? To get them interested, to get them excited about life? To wake up in the morning energized, happy to live and breathe and be alive?

by Dan Roth on Aug 08, 2022
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Jewish Education

Community Service and the Torah Live Dinar Bank

Rabbi Ari Karp of RASG in Miami loves the new Torah Live, especially the ability for kids to apply what they are learning in the real world. Check out the clip where he talks about why this matters.

by Hadassah Levy on Jul 06, 2022
Torah Live News

A Doll of a Star

I’ve worked with children and pets of all kinds (trained dogs, untrained rabbits, even snails), but now, for the first time I’ve worked with a doll.

by Sharon Katz on Jul 04, 2022