Free Jewish Distance Learning While Schools Are Closed

As schools stay closed for an indefinite amount of time, parents and educators are desperately looking for ways to continue their kids’ Jewish education. One solution is the Torah Live distance learning platform, which brings Torah to life with educational and entertaining videos that enthrall and educate children.

Teach your children halacha, middos and Jewish holidays in depth through multimedia presentations that combine narration, animation and special effects and engage them with the accompanying online games and quizzes. Teachers: Take advantage of the student workbooks, lesson plans and source books to create exciting online classes.

Parents and educators alike have been unexpectedly thrown into a new reality where distance learning is suddenly the norm. Many parents are asking themselves how they are supposed to supervise their children’s learning while they continue to work. How are they going to make sure that all of their children are learning? How will they know what units their kids have completed and whether they retained the material?

Torah Live is now offering parents and schools free premium accounts that include videos, quizzes, games and certificates of completion. Children can learn an entire course and be tested on it independently.

Torah Live Free Premium Account

On Thursday, March 19, 2020, at 1:30 PM EST, Torah Live founder and director, Rabbi Dan Roth was joined by Rabbi Yisroel Porath in a free webinar to show parents how they can use Torah Live to provide their children with high-quality Jewish content during these challenging times.

A second free webinar was offered for educators, with advice on creating lessons for distance learning, including homework and tests. This webinar, also hosted by Rabbis Roth and Porath, took take place on Sunday, March 22, 2020, 1:30 PM EST.

Sign up for free premium access to Torah Live here and use promo code TORAH.

Free Jewish Distance Learning




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Jacob Scheer
Jacob Scheer
1 year ago

Do you have links to the recordings of the educator’s webinar?