The Video Every Parent Has Been Waiting For!

Introducing our super-funny, eminently practical, latest Rabbi Siddur film on the subject of Honoring Parents, dedicated by the Goldberg family in memory of Bertie and Hannah Goldberg z”l from London. 

Rabbi Siddur and our other familiar animated characters return to talk about this important mitzvah with real-life examples and scenarios we can all relate to. 

To make keeping this mitzvah even easier for kids, we are offering a FREE downloadable chart, which they can use to keep track of their actions. 

This printable chart is fun and allows you to further incorporate the lessons from this latest release into your home. Print one for each of your kids and hang it up in a prominent place. Children can check off their accomplishments or you can buy stickers to make it more exciting.

Honoring Parents was dedicated in memory of Bertie and Hannah Goldberg by their children, so even the video production was an act of kibbud av va’em

This video will inspire and educate and change the atmosphere in every household.

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