Even Deep Topics Can Be Fun

Here at Torah Live, we believe that Torah needs to be taught in a way that is fun and engaging, even when dealing with serious subjects like why bad things happen. In this short video, Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky sits down with producer Marty Weisel to explain why this is so important.

Our latest release, Why Bad Things Happen, is now available for viewing!

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Dovid Geisinsky
Dovid Geisinsky
8 months ago

Guys this is the best video I had no idea that that guy was the rabbi siddur’s voice it is the coolest video in the world! It taught me so many things. thank you to all the supporters

avigayil weil
avigayil weil
7 months ago

so true I get really bored by just listening to speeches on our CD player what happens when I do that is that I don’t even listen I usually just walk away but torah live is so excited I would never just like walk away for a minute!