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Anger: The Ultimate Challenge exposes anger for what it is: A deadly middah that causes heart disease, ruins relationships and destroys us spiritually. Children who express anger don’t usually have to deal with far-reaching consequences, but adults may find themselves losing a job, getting divorced or mistreating their children. As we age, the number of times we are provoked to anger also increases.

Anger Management


Intertwining modern scientific research with ancient Jewish wisdom, this series teaches you how crucial it is to get anger under control at a young age because of the destructive damage it causes. This is a practical course in anger management, providing you with the tools and methods to overcome your anger and become a calmer and better person.

Working on Negative Character Traits


There’s no direct Torah commandment telling us to control our anger. Some commentators say that working on our negative character traits is so basic that it doesn’t need to be mentioned. It’s sort of like building foundations for a house; it goes without saying. Improving our character traits is the foundation on which the whole Torah is based, so it doesn’t need to be explicitly stated. Other commentators say that controlling our anger and improving negative character traits is included in the commandment to walk in the ways of Hashem. In any case, many post-biblical sources point to the importance of self-improvement. This presentation brings you some of the most powerful sources and inspires you to make anger management a priority in your life.

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