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Turning Points

Join Rabbi Jonathan Rietti on an adventure through the early years of the history of Am Yisrael to understand the turning points that made us into the nation we are today.

From Creation of the Universe to Avraham Avinu 

Follow Jewish history from the creation of the universe to the creation of man and continue with the first generations Adam, Chanoch, Lemech and Noach. Then learn about Avraham Avinu his recognition of Hashem and his subsequent challenges, including being thrown into the fiery furnace and the ten tests he had to endure.

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti

Developed by Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, the History Timeline gives the student the big picture and context of all his or her future Torah education by taking him on a visual journey through the 6,000 years of World History based on 43 key events. As the child contemplates this all-encompassing view of history, he can answer to himself: 'Where am I in time?' 'Where do I come from?' 'What happened before me?' 'Where is the world leading?' 'Why am I frum?'

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti – a descendant of the Sephardic leader the Ben Ish Chai and son of the famous British actor Robert Rietti, known as ‘The Man of a Thousand Voices’ and ‘King of the Dubbers’ – received his rabbinical diploma from Gateshead Talmudical College, England, after which he helped establish the now flourishing Kollel in Gibraltar. Having received a master’s in education, he has practiced for over thirty years as an educational consultant to parents of gifted children and those with ADD. With Montessori training, he has developed a curriculum which dovetails a Torah education with Montessori methodology.

Rabbi Rietti has given over two hundred lectures on topics including inner growth, health, parenting and Jewish identity, and draws upon his background in the film and advertising industries to entertain the listener while sharing powerful insights on love, happiness and ‘emotional intelligence.