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Joy of Mitzvos

Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (1534-1572), better known as the Ari or Arizal, was the father of contemporary Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism). His understanding of nature and beyond was deeper than the knowledge which could be gleaned from intellect alone. He attributed all of his great knowledge and deep insights to his lifelong focus on the joy of mitzvos.

How to Serve Hashem with Joy and Gladness

David HaMelech, in Tehillim 100:2 writes, “Worship Hashem in gladness; come into his presence with shouts of joy.” Want to know how to serve Hashem with joy and gladness? Start by internalizing the idea that mitzvos build a bond between us and Hashem. You can only form a relationship with Hashem if you perform mitzvos with joy, not begrudgingly or because of peer pressure.

You can also learn by example from rabbis like Rabbi Moshe Aharon Stern of Jerusalem who would make great efforts and spend a lot of money in order to perform mitzvos in the most joyful way. Rav Stern’s great dedication to mitzvos is featured in this course, along with conceptual ideas that will help you serve Hashem joyfully and with meaning.

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