Kashrut, Kosher Food and the Signs of Kosher Animals
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Course Description


Join Rabbi Dr. Ari Greenspan and Rabbi Dan Roth in their fascinating adventures visiting fish farms, making the rounds of the Jerusalem Zoo and jumping into lakes to learn about the signs of Kosher animals.

"Meat and Milk" is an animated presentation delivered by Torah Live's favorite animated character - Dr. Krumblycorn and his sidekick Kookie.

The teacher version of this video contains additional exciting multimedia material, of which the videos on this page are a small part.

After you've watched the series, test yourself with our quiz.

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Shlomo Lieberman
Shlomo Lieberman
2 years ago

I noticed that on the intermediate meat and milk quiz it says that that you must remove certain parts of the animal. But it is possible to prepare kosher meat without removing anything.

elisheva homburger
elisheva homburger
11 months ago

hi do you have any worksheet on tzitzis of kosher for early childhood {age 5-7}

Hadassah Levy
11 months ago

Not yet 🙂

asher fleshel
asher fleshel
9 months ago

These videos are good, they are also not to hard to digest, like the animals.

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