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Every time you enter a doorway, you have an incredible opportunity to connect to God. But how?

In this stunning presentation, Rabbi Dan Roth opens our eyes to the beauty and depth latent in the awe-inspiring mitzvah of mezuzah. All you need to know about mezuzah to make walking past a mezuzah a life-changing experience.

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Adriana Crump
Adriana Crump
2 years ago

Hi, these videos are wonderful, they are very helpful. THANK YOU SO MUCH! We have a questions regarding affixing Mezuzot on our children bedrooms. The 2 bedrooms share a bathroom (Jack and Jill), in this case is appropriate to put a Mezuzah in each door of their bedroom?

Chaiyim Noson Halpern
Chaiyim Noson Halpern
2 years ago
Reply to  Adriana Crump

Yes each room needs its own mezuza, besides for a bathroom. There are various other details, worth asking your local orthodox rabbi – or asktherabbi at – Have a great day!

Alexandria Binkowski
Alexandria Binkowski
1 year ago

I have 3 outside doors to my home. I know where to put the mezuzah on 2 of them but the third is tricky. It is an entrance through the garage. So, is the garage door being the closest to the outside where the mezuzah goes or on the doorframe inside the garage to the door of the house? If you say the garage door, I have one larger one for 2 cars and one smaller garage door for a single vehicle. Does mezuzah’s have to go on each garage door? I hope the answer is only on the inside… Read more »

Yoseph Graham
Yoseph Graham
1 year ago

how was Rabbi Roth able to say the Bracha out loud in the Video? Isn’t it a Bracha Levatala?

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