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The holy city of Yerushalayim has always been in the heart of every Jew. Rabbi Siddur takes you on a tour of Jerusalem, hopping on the light rail and ending up at the Kotel, where he talks about the significance of the Western Wall.

Why Daven at the Kotel

What’s so special about the Kotel? What makes davening at the Kotel different from tefillah in any other place in the world? And how should you prepare yourself mentally before approaching the Western Wall?

The History of Jerusalem

Get a crash course in the history of Jerusalem, including why Dovid HaMelech wasn’t chosen to the build the Beis Hamikdash, why the Romans left the Kotel standing when they destroyed everything else, how the Old City became inaccessible in 1948 and what changed as a result of the Six Day War.  


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