The Best Video on the Power of Speech

If there ever was an opportune time in the Jewish calendar to work on positive speech - the Three Weeks is the time!

What is positive speech? How can I transform myself to speak more positively?

Power of Speech

To answer this, we first need to understand the tremendous power of speech. That’s why Torah Live has brought you a dynamic video series on the “Power of Speech.”

The Elan & Victoria Shasha series will show you just how incredible positive speech can really be. It is guaranteed to be engaging, informative and life-changing.

Take advantage of these Three Weeks to start your process of becoming a more positive person and eliminating the negativity in your life. Join the thousands who have already begun the journey and together we can bring the redemption one step closer.

Ready? Click here to begin your journey.

Video Power of Speech

Here's What People Are Saying about the Power of Speech

“The Lost Light is accurate and effective. I hope that it will reach the masses.” - Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits
"Never seen anything like it!” - Isaac Jebreel
"Outstanding... Full of practical Halacha... Very moving." - Avrohom Newfeld
"Fun and engaging.” - Yael Shasha
"Practical, real-life examples.... Very meaningful." - Yaakov Sheinfeld



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