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Power of Speech

We combined two Torah Live series into one - "The Lost Light" & "The Power of Words"

In honor of this series, we are offering you a free gift - a download of the Chofetz Chaim's prayer asking Hashem to help us guard our tongues. Click here now to get your copy.

Negative speech has been the cause of untold destruction throughout our long history.

In this feature film about the laws of Shmirat Halashon, Torah Live takes a fresh and new look at this crucial topic: What is Lashon Hara? Why is it so destructive? When is it permitted to relay negative information for a constructive purpose? What is rechilus? What is one permitted to relate for shidduchim?

Power of Words
In this inspiring series, Torah Live takes a closer look at the power of words to build or destroy lives. The more we are aware of this incredible power, the better we will be able to use it for bringing sanctity into this world.

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Eliram Elgrably
Eliram Elgrably

This course is awesome!

Dovid Koenigsberg
Dovid Koenigsberg

I love The Lost Light!

Thaddeus Pawlicki
Thaddeus Pawlicki

The videos are great. Wonderful presentation.

C.D. U.
C.D. U.

The Lost Light is very, very well done. Often, when negative behavior is presented in an exaggerated way for entertainment purposes, people think, “Well I would never act like that”. These nuanced dialogues are extremely realistic, and compels the audience to really examine our words to and about others. Future examples might include ona’as devorim of teens towards parents (unless I missed it?)

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